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Download the free Just Scan It mobile app to enhance your valet experience. You will no longer wait in line or take out your wallet to pay. Simply use our secure payment gateway for a quick and easy checkout.

No More Waiting

A certified Just Scan It attendant will send you a notification when your car is ready. Don't wait for your car, let your car wait for you.

Simple Check Out

Scan the QR code on your ticket with the free Just Scan It app to let the valet attendants know that you are ready to leave.

Convenient Payment History

The Just Scan It app contains a payment history where all of your valet experiences and expenses are documented.

How It Works

The Just Scan It app will revolutionize your valet experience! Scan your valet ticket, pay for your valet experience and retrieve your vehicle within minutes. Download our free Just Scan It app to experience valet like never before! Watch our How It Works video to learn more.

About Us

At Just Scan It we strive to provide a convenient lifestyle for our users by integrating mobile scanning combined with portable devices. Our mission is to enhance the image, profitability and efficiency of the valet parking and bellmen industries by amplifying consumer satisfaction, reducing liability/management costs, and increasing sales for the industry.

Revolutionizing the Industry

Our application includes a real-time accounting system, sales and employee tracking and a streamlined vehicle and luggage retrieval system. These tools will streamline the interaction between valet parking operators, bellmen and consumers. Most of all, our services are aimed to facilitate the evolution of this industry into a gold standard for other service operators to follow.

Our Story

Take a rainy Los Angeles evening, a well-known entertainment venue and a multitude of guests simultaneously clamoring for their cars. What do you get? Chaos.

Solution? Just Scan It. The first valet/bellhop ticket call service controlled by one click of your smart phone on a QR code printed ticket.

When two of the creators got fed up with this all too familiar situation, the concept was conceived and put into motion. "I know I am not the only one that would use a service allowing you to scan your valet ticket from any venue in the city to quickly call for your vehicle!" one founder said. The concept was laid out and goals were set at Mr. C hotel two years ago. Hundreds of hours were spent the next year studying valet systems all over the US at hotels, casinos, country clubs, restaurants, entertainment event centers, hospitals, shopping centers, office buildings, multi-unit residential buildings, airports, and other types of venues.

The result was a more expedient solution to the valet parking and bellmen business whereby customers can retrieve their vehicles and luggage with ease and operators can manage and organize their operations more effectively. All operations can benefit from this app, regardless of the size of the venue.

The company behind this wonder app has 10 other concept patents pending, all revolving around mobile scanning for a convenient lifestyle. The timing is apropos based on today's fast paced world as well as efficient technological advancements.


    1. Eliminates wait time for customer
    2. No more waiting in adverse weather conditions
    3. Safe and Secure payment gateway
    4. Automated Concierge Service
    5. Stores previous payment receipts
    6. Option to create a personalized account
    7. Real time service feedback
    8. Eliminates the need for cash
    9. Intuitive mobile application user interface
    10. Expedited checkout with stored payment fields

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